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wb 44 counter offer

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Counter-Offer No. ______ by (Buyer/Seller) STRIKE ONE. NOTE: Number this Counter-Offer sequentially, e.g. Counter-Offer No. 1 by Seller, Counter-Offer No.
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Who needs a WB-44 Form?

WB-44 is a form approved by Wisconsin Real Estate Examining Board as a Counter-Offer to Residential Offer to Purchase (Form WB-11). It is to be used to a real estate broker acting as an agent of one of the parties to a potential residential property purchase and sale transaction. A Party initiating the submission of the Counter-Offer can be either of the parties: a Seller or a Buyer.

What is Counter-Offer WB-44 Form for?

Counter-Offer is supposed to be made on paper in a legally binding document to enable either of the parties state the provisions indicated in the Offer to Purchase or a previous Counter-Offer they disagree with and suggest their ideas how this can be handled to reach an agreement and close the deal.

Is Counter-Offer accompanied by other forms?

The form as such does require an accompaniment, however, logically it should reference the Offer to Purchase and an already-made Counter-Offer. (In the latter case, it serves as Counter-Offer to a Counter-Offer).

When is Wisconsin Real Estate WB-44 Form due?

The due dates of submission and acceptance or rejection are to be discussed and agreed upon by the parties to the potential transaction.

How do I fill out Counter-Offer WB-44 Form?

The Counter-Offer must define the following details:

  • Number of Counter-Offer
  • Indication of the party filing the WB-44 Form
  • Date of the Offer to Purchase
  • Address of the real estate
  • Terms and/or conditions that are subject to amendments by the filing party
  • Name of a real estate agent or firm drafting the Counter-Offer
  • Party making the Counter-Offer
  • Party Accepting the Counter-Offer (or its rejection)

Where do I send Counter-Offer WB-44 Form?

The Counter-Offer is to be drafted in two original copies, one is retained by the party making the Counter-Offer, the other is to be delivered to the other Party. A copy is to be retained by the agent drafting the document.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing wb 44 counter offer
Instructions and Help about wb44 form
Hello and welcome to this mini seminar or presentation it is about 10 minutes long and it's on three things you must know about counter offers I'm Jim or carton first to make sure this is relevant to you you need to know that this relates to residential real estate one to four units that's your typical home or condo sale it relates to the rules in the state of California USA in this recording was made on December 28 2013 again I'm Jim Marquardt a couple things about me before we get started I am a California realtor licensed California real estate broker and a licensed California attorney-at-law I became an attorney in 1977 and I was first licensed as a real estate broker the following year in 1978 well before we can have a counteroffer we need an offer and in California 99% of the residential real estate transactions 1 to 4 units use this offer the California residential purchase agreement and joint escrow instructions this is using a term a much simpler term this is your offer this is the document that the buyer uses to make the offer on the property later when it's signed by the seller it becomes the contract and all eight pages of detailed fine print get to be made part of the contract but at this point is just an offer signed by the buyer a prospective buyer in most cases the original offer from the buyer is not accepted and we have a counteroffer and that's what this mini seminar is about the car forum CEO or counteroffer it was recently revised an event 2013 and we're going to be dealing with the new revised form there's a look at the one-page form the counteroffers one page in length contrary to the original offer which is eight plus pages the counteroffer has five sections for numbered sections and then a fifth section the confirmation of acceptance we'll talk about each of these in just a moment without further ado here are the three things you must know about counteroffers one the counteroffer is legally speaking a rejection of the offer so think carefully before you counter an original offer or before you counter a counteroffer because when you do you're rejecting it it expires as a matter of law and cannot later be accepted if you change your mind you cannot go back and accept it oh sorry counteroffer I realize I was asking too much I want to go back and accept the original offer you can't unless that buyer allows you to to do that and they don't have to number two a counteroffer is a new offer and the same rules apply number three to be binding the counteroffer must be both signed and delivered to the maker or the makers agent signing isn't enough has to be signed and delivered obviously you can't secretly sign the counteroffer and think you have a contract without delivering it to the other side so they know that you signed it it's logical and obvious if one thinks about it here's the usual sequence of events or timeline item number one we have an offer from the buyer to the seller item number two the counteroffer if you choose to...